Frequently Asked Questions

What is COPILOT?​

COPILOT is an AI-powered tool that integrates seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem. It utilizes Apple Shortcuts to automate tasks, offering a simple yet effective way to interact with your Apple devices.

How is COPILOT better than other AI apps?

1/ COPILOT is the only app deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem, which means you can use it anywhere, in any of your favorite apps. 2/ It's more than just a chat bot you can talk to. It's an autonomous AI assistant that can do things for you, like checking your calendar and reminders, browse the web, or even write text anywhere you can type. 3/ It saves you time by automating repetitive tasks, like copying and pasting text from the app you are using to other AI tools for context. With COPILOT, you can do all of that in one place, right there in your favorite app.

What are the system requirements for COPILOT?​

To use COPILOT, your device needs to be running iOS 16+, iPadOS 16+, or macOS 13+.

Do I need my own OpenAI API key to use COPILOT?​

No, an OpenAI API key is NOT required, as you will use COPILOT Credits instead.

How are COPILOT Credits used?

COPILOT Credits are used to interact with OpenAI's API, and the cost is OpenAI's pricing * 1.3. We charge a 30% fee on top of OpenAI's pricing.

Are credits better than using my own OpenAI API key?

Yes, because if you're using your own OpenAI API key, you need to have a credit card connected to your OpenAI account (ChatGPT Plus is NOT needed), and a paid billing account, otherwise you'll be subject to a rate limit of 3 requests per minute, on free OpenAI accounts. Besides that, using credits will also grant your access to all GPT models, including GPT-4 or DALLβ€’E 3.

Why am I constantly prompted with 'Allow All' permissions pop-ups?​

These pop-ups are part of the Apple Shortcuts' security and privacy features. Once you select 'Allow All' during the initial runs, these prompts should no longer appear.

How does the COPILOT license work?​

When you purchase a COPILOT license, it’s yours forever. You can use the app indefinitely and receive all updates released within the first year of your purchase.

What happens if I don't renew after one year?​

You're free to use the last version of COPILOT you downloaded indefinitely. There are no restrictions on functionality, even without renewal.

How do I renew my COPILOT license?​

To renew your COPILOT license with a 40% discount, please contact me directly via email at I'll assist you with the renewal process and ensure you continue to receive the latest updates and features for another year.

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