How to install

COPILOT is more than a traditional app β€” it's a meticulously crafted Apple Shortcut designed to integrate the power of AI into your everyday Apple interactions.

To use COPILOT, ensure the Apple Shortcuts app is installed on your device.

The setup usually takes less than 2 minutes.

To install COPILOT, follow these steps:

  1. On the COPILOT website Dashboard page, copy the License Key first, as you will need it later, then tap the "Download COPILOT" button.

  2. On the next screen, tap "Get Shortcut" to download the main shortcut called "Activate COPILOT" to your device.

  3. The Apple Shortcuts app will open, displaying the shortcut's details. Select "Set Up Shortcut".

  4. Enter your name, then select "Next".

  5. Paste your license key, then select "Next".

  6. If you have an OpenAI API key and wish to use it with COPILOT, you can add it now. Then select "Add Shortcut".

  7. That's almost it! Now tap the "Activate COPILOT" shortcut to set up the final things.

  8. When prompted, tap "Allow" to let COPILOT display progress notifications when running.

  9. When prompted, tap "Allow" to connect to the COPILOT API server used to interact with all the OpenAI models.

  10. Done!

COPILOT is now successfully installed and ready to assist! πŸš€

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