How it works

Autonomous Mode

Once you activate COPILOT, using the methods described here, COPILOT receives the shared content, if any, and it will ask you for your instructions, even displaying Quick Actions based on the content type.

After receiving your instructions and processing your shared content, COPILOT starts running completely independently.

It intelligently decides which features to use from the available ones, while updating you about its progress through notifications until it accomplishes your goal.

Whenever it responds with an answer, you can ask follow-up questions or provide feedback to maintain longer conversations, if needed. COPILOT will listen, keep everything in memory, and continue to work further.

And remember, your conversations with COPILOT can be saved in the Notes app for your reference.

That is how COPILOT works.

The Autonomous Mode is designed to be user-friendly, informative, and efficient, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience with this advanced AI companion. It makes COPILOT not just a tool, but an interactive assistant tailored to your needs.

Progress Notifications

When COPILOT runs, it keeps you informed every step of the way:

  • Model Notification: Initially, COPILOT displays the chosen GPT Model in use, based on your preference.

  • Step-by-Step Updates: For each action it performs, COPILOT sends a notification for the action being taken (e.g., "I'm browsing the web for [query]", "I'm creating an image of [description]", "I'm saving the article to Notes").

These notifications ensure you're always in the loop regarding COPILOT's activities.

Reply Actions

Once COPILOT generates a response, you have several options:

  • Copy Response to Clipboard: Copies the last COPILOT response to your clipboard.

  • Save Conversation to Notes: Saves the entire conversation, including the chosen GPT model, to the Apple Notes app.

  • Ask Follow-up: Allows you to input a follow-up question or command, and COPILOT continues operating.

  • Start New Conversation: Starts a new conversation from scratch but keeps the previous context.

  • Check for Updates: If there are any updates, you can update COPILOT straight away.

  • View Credits Balance: Quickly check your Credits balance.

  • Submit Feedback: Provide your valuable feedback to help improve COPILOT.

  • Exit: Exits the conversation directly.

These options provide flexibility in how you interact with COPILOT, allowing for a more dynamic and responsive experience.

Conversation Logs

Your interactions with COPILOT, including the chosen model, are meticulously saved in the Apple Notes app, when you choose to do so.

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