Perpetual License

Unlock the full potential of COPILOT with a perpetual license. This one-time purchase gives you ongoing access to the version of COPILOT you buy β€” forever.

What You Get​

  • Unlimited Access: Use your purchased version of COPILOT indefinitely.

  • One Year of Updates: Enjoy all new features and updates released within the first year after your purchase.

After the First Year​

  • Continue Using COPILOT: You can keep using the last update you received, with all its functionalities, for as long as you like.

  • Renew to Get More: Choose to renew your license with a 40% discount to receive another year of updates. The discount doesn't expire and is available any time after your initial license period ends.

Supporting COPILOT through the perpetual licensing model fuels ongoing development, ensuring a continuously evolving and improving product.

If you need assistance or have questions about licensing, feel free to reach out at

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