✨Main features

COPILOT's main features include:

🤖 Latest OpenAI Models Support

It supports the newest GPT-3.5 Turbo (16k context), GPT-4 Turbo (128k context) and DALL•E 3.

⚡ Quick Actions

Rewrite text, summarize PDFs, URLs, or even entire webpages.

⚡Quick Actions

🗓️ Calendar and Reminders Integration

Get morning briefings in a matter of seconds.

Get your schedule from Apple Calendar appGet your tasks from Apple Reminders app

🖼️ DALL•E 3 Support

Generate amazing images with automatic portrait or landscape mode.

Generate images with DALL•E 3

🌐 Web Search with Perplexity app

Fetch real-time web information or conduct hands-free research.

Search the web hands-free with Perplexity app

📝 Apple Notes Logs

Your conversations can be saved and organized in the Apple Notes app for easier access later.

😎 Autonomous Mode

Submit your request and watch as it performs all the work for you automatically.

🔑 Optional OpenAI API Key, Use Credits Instead

There's no need for an OpenAI API key — COPILOT Credits are utilized instead. However, you have the option to use your own key whenever you choose.

💰COPILOT Credits

🌟 And many more exciting features…

COPILOT is more than just a tool; it's an AI-powered extension of your Apple devices, designed to enhance your digital life with smart, user-focused technology.

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