💰COPILOT Credits

COPILOT uses a credit-based system, named COPILOT Credits, to facilitate interactions with OpenAI’s API. This system is designed to replace the requirement for an OpenAI API key (but not fully removing it), simplifying the process for you.

Initial Credit Allocation

You are allocated $5 worth of COPILOT Credits upon purchasing a license. This initial credit is intended to provide you with an opportunity to experience the full capabilities of COPILOT without immediate additional cost.

How to buy credits

Purchasing COPILOT Credits

To purchase more credits, you are required to:

  1. Sign in to your COPILOT account.

  2. Click on the "Buy Credits" button.

The process is designed for ease of use and quick access to additional credits.


The cost of $5 credits is exactly $5 USD. Our pricing is based on OpenAI's pricing, with an additional 30% fee. Please refer to OpenAI Pricing for details on their API pricing.

Advantages of COPILOT Credits

  • No Need for OpenAI API Key: The credit system eliminates the need for you to obtain and manage an individual OpenAI API key.

  • Access to Advanced Models: You have access to all GPT models, including GPT-4 and DALL•E 3, without the limitations of a free OpenAI account.

  • Unrestricted Usage: Unlike free OpenAI accounts, which have rate limits, COPILOT Credits allow for uninterrupted use of the service.


COPILOT Credits are designed to streamline your experience by simplifying access to AI capabilities. This approach aligns with COPILOT’s goal of providing a user-friendly and efficient AI integration within the Apple ecosystem.

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