Quick Overview

With COPILOT, you're not just issuing commands; you're engaging in a conversation with an intelligent assistant that understands and anticipates your needs.

Let's explore how COPILOT uses its multifunctionality to make your day more efficient. It excels in various scenarios, such as:

  • Automating your daily tasks and routines, such as morning briefings, schedule checks, or keeping up with reminders.

  • Enhancing productivity with AI-powered content processing, such as texts, documents, or web pages.

  • Content creation through writing, note-taking, and more.

  • Creative endeavors like generating images based on your descriptions.

  • Automatically performing web searches for real-time information.

Dive into each feature and discover the unique ways COPILOT can simplify and enhance your daily digital interactions within the Apple ecosystem.

All Features

Create Image

Generate images with DALL•E 3

Generates images with DALL•E 3, choosing the best mode based on your request, either portrait or landscape.

Write Note

Write notes into Apple Notes app

Automatically saves lengthy responses or specific user requests in Apple Notes.

Get Schedule

Get your schedule from Apple Calendar app

Retrieves upcoming calendar events with details like dates and titles.

Get Reminders

Get your tasks from Apple Reminders app

Sorts reminders by creation date, showing details like title, priority, and due date.

Search Web

Search the web hands-free with Perplexity app

Fetches real-time information from the web using the Perplexity app.

Visit Webpage

Visit webpages or links without opening them

Accesses web content directly from URLs for streamlined browsing.

Each feature enhances your productivity in the Apple ecosystem. Explore them in detail through the provided links.

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