Quick Actions

Quick Actions make COPILOT not just a tool but an intelligent assistant, ready to adapt to the content you're working with.

It intelligently offers specific actions based on the content type shared through the Share Menu.

Whether you're dealing with text, documents, or web pages, COPILOT's Quick Actions ensure you get the most relevant and efficient assistance.

This feature not only streamlines your workflow but also enhances your productivity by providing tailored responses and actions.


When text is selected and shared with COPILOT, you can expect the following Quick Actions:

  • Continue Writing: Extend or elaborate on the selected text.

  • Improve Writing: Enhance the style, clarity, and tone of the text.

  • Fix Spelling & Grammar: Correct any linguistic errors.

  • Reply: Craft a response to the selected text.

  • Make Shorter: Condense the text to a more concise form.

  • Make Longer: Expand the text with more details or information.

  • Explain in Simple Terms: Simplify the text for easier understanding.

  • Summarize It: Provide a concise summary of the content.

  • Custom Action: Specify a unique request for COPILOT to process the text.

Example: Select a paragraph from an article, and use COPILOT to summarize it or clarify complex terms.

PDF, URL, Webpage, or Multiple Files

For these types of content, COPILOT offers:

  • Summarize It: Provide a concise summary of the content.

  • Custom Action: Input a specific request for COPILOT to handle the content.

Example: Share a lengthy PDF document to get a quick summary or a webpage link for a brief overview.

Final Notes

By respecting the chosen GPT Model, COPILOT ensures that your interactions are not just context-aware but also model-optimized for the best results.

In summary, Quick Actions is more than a feature — it's a leap forward in how we interact with AI in our daily digital life, making COPILOT an indispensable part of your Apple ecosystem experience.

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